Tensioner 2 pk.
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Tensioner 2 pk.

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RailEasy Tensioner by Atlantis Rail Systems features mechanical swaging capabilities that allow installers to cut cable on site, removing the hassle of pre-measuring and the cost of miscalculating dimensions. Each tensioner is made from the extremely corrosion resistant type 316 grade stainless steel to add years of long term value and enjoyment. The Tensioner is a key component for all of the Atlantis Rail Systems. Each base is slotted to allow tensioner to achieve angles up to 45 degrees on stair rails and is surface mounted with three #8 1-1/2" stainless steel screws. RailEasy from Atlantis Rail Systems is an affordable approach to having a contemporary look.

INSTALLATION: To learn more about how a tensioner works visit our Training Video and subscribe to our channel so you can be notified when we upload new informational content! For a RailEasy how to guide please visit Atlantis Rail Systems. To help plan your project check out the Project Planner. Cable assemblies are connected in the field utilizing patented RailEasy Tensioners, which are installed using simple hand tools.

WARRANTY: Atlantis Rail Limited Manufacturers Warranty requires registration. All products have an automatic 1 year limited manufacturers warranty which is extended with registration to 5 years on individually purchased stock RailEasy components and parts. Registration information and forms may be obtained in pdf format at Atlantis Rail.

Everyone wants to make improvements in his home to provide better comfort and augment the beauty of the place. So it is not a wonder that a lot of people go to the pains of taking up home remodelling or home improvement projects. Investing in deck railings is probably one of the best things moves that any homeowner with a deck can take. Why so? While adding variety to how your deck looks, it promotes safety for you and your family while using your deck. Adding deck railings to your Missouri homes will give you a number of advantages than in not having one.

There are a number of benefits in using deck railings, and they are the following:

  1. Deck railings are easy to install and will not take much of your time. Yet, it is important to choose the proper kind of materials that will fit into your homes as well as with your budgets. Knowing where to purchase the things you need and what to purchase is necessary in order to have the kind of railings you want and need. A lot of these products are pre-assembled which only requires the customer to install them. Whether you do it yourself or choose to hire a professional to handle the project, it doesn’t matter in the least so long as you have all the right and necessary materials to use.
  2. Deck railing materials are easy to purchase as there are literally various deck railing materials to choose from in Missouri. There are different styles and types of panels to choose from and it will not be a difficulty to arrive at an informed decision.

    Deck railings that were installed properly will be able to last long. This is why they are so cost-effective. There will be no need for replacements for years. Just make sure that you pick out the proper materials that will fit into your house decor and your available budgets.

    Visit Boone County Lumber Company in Missouri and choose the materials you need for your deck railings. With our assortment of materials, styles and types to choose from, you are sure to find the one you need.

25 Ft. Cable

25 Ft. Cable

RailEasy cable by Atlantis Rail Systems is made from extremely corrosion resistant type 316 grade st..